Projects Division

Aviocean Natal’s Project Division has experienced staff who have been intensively involved in the Project/ Heavy Lift sector for several years, and who are equipped to handle Project/ Heavy Lift cargo.

Our services involve project planning, customs clearing, transporting of heavy/ abnormal cargo, unpacking, warehousing, project supervision and cross-border trade (including erection of wind turbine generators).

Some of the Project/ Heavy Lift cargo that Aviocean Natal have handled includes the trans-shipment of 2 x 58 metric ton Power Transformers - ex Vietnam, via Durban, to Mombasa - for eventual delivery for a Power Plant Project in Kampala, Uganda.

Shipment of a Drum/ Valve and Main Vat, which was of an abnormal nature, for a Paper Mill Project in Japan, and 2 x 90 ton Mill Shells shipped from Durban to Houston.

Aviocean Natal also handled a project for the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg for the preparation of the Soccer World Cup which was held in South Africa in 2010. These consignments consisted of approximately 300 x 40' open top containers, 30 x 20' open top containers and 50 x 40' flat racks/ bolsters. Cargo also consisted of numerous and various Breakbulk cargo both normal and abnormal. The cargo was structural steel for the building of the roof of the stadium. For this Soccer City Stadium project we also handled the clearance and delivery of 3 x mobile cranes (789 tons, 318 tons and 60 tons), which was imported on a temporary basis and which was subsequently re-exported once the roof of the stadium was completed.


FNB Stadium 2010 World Cup Project

We are pleased to announce that Aviocean Natal was involved in importing the roof of the new FNB Soccer Stadium in Johannesburg for the 2010 World Cup.


An architectural impression of the proposed FNB Soccer Stadium for the 2010 World Cup.

Press Release - (Italy) Click here to view the FNB Stadium 2010 Gallery